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We install many types of revetments

The brushwood ‘dam’ shape

One option for a brushwood revetment is in the shape of a ‘dam’. This revetment is made by driving two rows of piles into the ground. The piles can be vibratory driven into the ground or bored. In sandy soils, the piles are driven into the ground using a high-pressure water jet and jetting lance. The depth of the water determines the thickness of the piles.

The space between the double row of piles is filled up with brushwood, or faggots, to at least 20 centimetres above the piles. The wood is pressed down and secured tightly with plasticised wire. This work is preferably done from the bank, but it can also be carried out in the water.

The revetment is placed between two groynes, which break the waves and protect the banks. This type of revetment is occasionally interrupted to provide an ideal habitat for fish and water birds. Click here to see the cross section of a brushwood revetment.

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Revetment with a single row of piles with woven willow in between

Another type of brushwood revetment has a single row of piles placed approximately 60 cm apart in the ground. Osiers of 2-3 cm in thickness are woven in between the piles. Sometimes willow bundles (faggots), pressed and bound together with rope, are used.

Revetment from recycled plastic materials

Van Aalsburg B.V. often works with recycled plastic materials that have a natural appearance. The lifespan of these materials is no less than 30 years. Van Aalsburg also installs retaining wall constructions from recycled plastic from the best suppliers of innovative soil and flood protection systems.

Plastic screens on indestructible wooden piles below groundwater level. The piles have a lifespan of at least 50 years. The screens keep the soil in place and the piles strengthen the total construction. Smart, efficient, sustainable, maintenance free and environmentally-friendly customisation. Typical of Van Aalsburg: excellent quality at a sharp price.

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The screens are mounted onto a single row of piles

Firstly, the piles are driven into the ground and then the screens are mounted onto the piles with coach bolts.

Retaining walls

We have extensive experience with the installation of hardwood retaining walls. Retaining walls are tall, vertical earth or water retaining structures. A retaining wall consists of individual hardwood or softwood elements, using FSC certified wood if required.

The elements are connected through earth or watertight connections. The walls are 1 to 10 metres high and 4 to 10 cm thick. They will last for 10 to 25 years depending on the material, the design, the maintenance and the construction. The retaining wall is installed using vibration or vibration free pile driving techniques, usually from the water with a crane on pontoons.

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Hardwood or brushwood revetments?

“When using live brushwood, the new willow shoots will eventually take over part of the protective function.

Willow revetments are more eco-friendly than revetments made from tropical hard wood, plastic or metal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you also install revetments for private individuals?

We install revetments for private individuals and public bodies. In total, we install over 30 kilometres a year.

How is a revetment installed?

Revetments are custom-built and therefore installation differs per situation. We have a suitable solution for every situation thanks to our many years of experience.

What is the difference between a retaining wall and a revetment?

Revetments are lower and have horizontal planks, a retaining wall is higher ad has vertical sections or elements. A retaining wall is more suitable for heavy-duty applications.