150 hectares of own products
Increased efficiency with unique machinery
More than 55 years of experience
Environmentally conscious entrepreneurship

3rd generation family business

specializing in high-quality willow wood products

  • Over 55 years of experience
  • All expertise in-house
  • A large and dynamic family company

3D control with GPS

Three 7.5 to 40 tonne cranes have ultra modern GPS for precision guiding with an accuracy of 25mm. A globe or receiver is mounted on the crane, which picks up the GPS signal from the satellite. Aided by a digital drawing, our operator can see on a screen in the cabin how deep and along which lines he has to dig. The screen shows him exactly where he is and what the position of his bucket is in relation to the 3D design. Posts are no longer necessary.

We also make and model machine files. The operator now works on his own. He downloads the 3D model from a USB stick or wireless onto the operating terminal and can start working immediately. The spreader and the excavation worker are superfluous. The customer reaps the benefit. Which means you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of terrain?

No surface is a problem. Never too boggy or too hard. All the equipment is in-house.

What are the types of crane?

Van Aalsburg B.V. has more than 20 crawler cranes varying from 3 to 40 tonnes and all equipped with GPS.

How precise is GPS-guided excavation?

It has an accuracy of 25mm! The work is always carried out well the first time. This means more work in less time.