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  • Over 55 years of experience
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Project for the world of tomorrow

The Naardermeer is an important example of sod cutting. We removed the forests and removed 20 to 40 centimetres from the top layer with our swamp cranes so that the reed could start growing again. Rare and special plants, such as the round-leaved sundew and the fen orchid, are now growing again among the reed and on the islands that have formed. A wonderful project for the world of tomorrow!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fish forest?

EA fish forest consists of two rows of posts in the water with willow branches in between. Fish can hide in the forest to escape from cormorants and other predators. They can find food there and it provides a good opportunity to spawn.

What is sod cutting?

Sod cutting is the removal of the surface layer of vegetation and rooting. The polluted soil layer disappears and new vegetation starts to grow on the rejuvenated land in a natural way.

Why are you sod cutting in Natura 2000 areas?

Sod cutting serves to rejuvenate the vegetation. It is therefore an efficient and widely used control measure. It is a major step towards a sustainable future for plants, animals and humans.