150 hectares of own products
Increased efficiency with unique machinery
More than 55 years of experience
Environmentally conscious entrepreneurship

3rd generation family business

specializing in high-quality willow wood products

  • Over 55 years of experience
  • All expertise in-house
  • A large and dynamic family company


Planting is done in close cooperation with the customer. Together, we assess the condition of the dunes and determine the number of plants per m². We carry out control measurements ourselves using GPS. After completion of the project, As-built drawings are delivered in DWG or DXF files.

The importance of this is often underestimated. The As-built drawings or revision drawings form the basis for maintenance. They offer you quick and direct insight into the current situation.

Van Aalsburg B.V. uses this dune grass for private individuals and public bodies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of soil is needed for marram grass?

Marram grass grows in the dunes, in the sand.

In which season is it planted?

Marram grass is planted from November to March. In close cooperation with the customer.

Do you also supply individual plants?

Certainly, the plants can also be bought individually.