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Sinking of the fascine mattress

The faggots are attached to ropes or towing lines. The towing lines are first attached from the fascine mattress to a float. A crane ship or crane pontoon tows the float via the ropes until the fascine mattress has reached its destination.

The top end of the fascine mattress is sunk using a sinking beam and the rest by dumping rocks onto it. Winches pull the sinking beam up again in readiness for the next action. Sinking of the mattress involves the work of a specialist and requires the experience of a sink boss.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the common types of geotextiles?

Geotextile PP 40 to PP 120

How big is a fascine mattress?

That depends on the situation. We have made fascine mattresses of 5 x 5 metres to 25 x 320 metres.

What is the purpose of a fascine mattress?

Fascine mattresses protect embankments and riverbeds against erosion.