150 hectares of own products
Increased efficiency with unique machinery
More than 55 years of experience
Environmentally conscious entrepreneurship


On low-lying ground behind the dykes, rushes once grew in fields which, when silted up by the river, became cultural reed fields. When these fields were sufficiently silted up, they were transformed into withybeds. New withybeds are still being planted and exploited for willow products.

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Van Aalsburg B.V. has all required equipment in house. This makes it possible to do take on any job, from the smallest task to large-scale projects. Our specialist work can only be carried out using the right equipment, of which we have our own full range in house. And our employees are certified to operate our machinery.

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Because Van Aalsburg B.V. attaches a great deal of value to environmental and quality care for osier products, meeting the required standards is of paramount importance. Our certificates relate to sustainable business operations, the professional cultivation and processing of osier wood, the contracting and execution of coastal and riparian works, and the execution of agricultural engineering works and maintenance of osier trees.

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Distinguished business operations

The company sets itself apart through sound business operations, deep commitment and a proven long-term policy in which the customer comes first. Its specialists have realised large projects in the Netherlands, Latvia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark and Belgium. And even in Surinam and Aruba.

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Highest achievable level on CO 2 performance ladder

Van Aalsburg B.V. works hard to reduce CO 2 emissions and create a sustainable working environment. A large reduction in CO 2 is achieved through the purchase of a wood stove. This wood stove provides the entire company with heat from our own wood chips. This eliminates the need to purchase gas for the business site. We also take measures to reduce CO 2 emissions by burning less fuel. The use of low-emission fuel is a good example.

We have already achieved our target of 12% less CO 2 emissions in 2020 compared to 2015 in 2018. We have therefore set ourselves a new target for 2019 of 20% and for 2020 a reduction of 25%.

In 2017 we achieved the CO 2 certificate level 5 on the CO2 performance ladder. Our entire team is proud of this result.

From father to son(s)

Father and grandfather Van Aalsburg laid the foundations of our beautiful company. In winter they worked in the withy trade; they chopped wood and sold it. In summer they had other work to do. They were born workers, and took on everything that came their way.

The sons began working in the company after 1980 and specialised in withy trading.

Van Aalsburg B.V. grew to become the largest brushwood processing company in the Netherlands. The company now consists of 6 sons and 55 to 85 employees. In the spirit and tradition of founder Jennis van Aalsburg, the company specialises in cutting withy, growing quality willow and making fascine mattresses and revetments.